Our main focus at Wolf River Valley Seeds is to provide you with a premium product. This priority has resulted in the development of a number of high quality forages tailored specifically with your herd’s production and performance in mind.

TRICAL® 815 - WINTER TRITICALE (read more)

815 is an awned winter annual cereal grain. A high leaf to stem ratio along with a very dense canopy of long leaves makes 815 a winner in yield and quality. Trical® 815 Winter Triticale is designed for maximum forage production and can be used in a double crop system with corn silage where growing degree days will allow. Winter forage triticale will assimilate large amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous making it an excellent tool in managing livestock waste.


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TRICAL® 2700 - SPRING TRITICALE (read more)

A widely adapted spring triticale for grazing, silage and boot-stage hay. It can be planted alone, or blended with forage peas to increase palatability and protein levels. 2700 has outstanding digestibility (IVTD), crude protein content and significantly higher yields than other boot-stage harvested cereal grains. Trical® 2700 Spring Triticale has superior tolerance to disease, lagoon water and can withstand tough growing conditions. 2700 can also be used as a nurse crop. The stall phase of Trical® 2700 in the seedling growth phase does not overshadow or out-compete alfalfa.


Strictly a forage pea that produces extremely high forage quality and very high crude protein levels. With its huge leaves and excellent palatability, Arvica peas make an excellent companion crop with Trical® 2700 and ForagePlus oats. Remember to inoculate peas when planted alone.


A tall, late maturity oat variety that has high forage yields. Forage Plus has up to an eight-day wider harvest window prior to late boot stage compared to other oat varieties. Fits well in a dry cow or heifer diet.



WHITE RIVER MIX™White River Mix is comprised of 60% Trical 2700 and 40% Arvica Forage Peas. Both varieties have proven superior palatability and crude protein percentage. Recommended seeding rate is 100-110 #/acre when under- seeded and 120-125#/acre when seeded alone. General rule of harvest is 55 - 60 days after planting or in the mid-late boot stage. White River Mix has been developed to produce a forage for a lactating cow diet or where a high protein forage is desired.


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Green River Mix™ is comprised of 60% Forage Oats and 40% Arvica Forage Peas. This mix will produce a moderate protein level while maintaining yield and palatability. Recommended seeding rate is 100-110 #/acre when underseeded and 120-130#/ acre when seeded alone. General rule of harvest is 55-60 days after planting or in the mid-late boot stage. Green River Mix is designed to produce a forage to fit into your non lactating cow, heifer or beef cow ration.

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