It’s time for some straight talk. Farming, be it dairy or cash cropping, has not seen such a challenging environment in the last half a century. We are seeing the loss of farms across our nation to the point of a crisis. That just “hold on” mentality was a couple of years ago, right now, it’s time to make a change in the thinking behind farming.

As a seed company, we make our living selling farmers seed to plant their crops. To us, there is no difference between the threat to farms and the threat to our company. Our job, even our duty, is to provide the absolute best seeds to you, and believe me, absolutely no product we offer has missed our scrutiny. We worked for nine months to bring you the Laker oat. Why? Because it was better. It sure wasn’t the easy way. We tried a new spring trit this year, we plowed it under. Why? Simple, because it wasn’t. We are bringing you 154 Triticale this fall, and we have put in hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in trials to make sure that it’s a better product than our beloved 815. We’re working on several new forage peas as well, and if they are better, you can expect to see them in our line up.

Five years ago, I promised Joe that we would never make him sell a product that he couldn’t be proud of. Every day, and every decision we make, keeps that promise to Joe, and to you. If your talking to a seed company that is still selling you the same product that they sold three, four, even five years ago. Stop. Call us, and listen to a seed company that puts your needs first. It’s time to make those changes.


God Bless


Jamie Conway


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