To Our Valued Agricultural Partners!

As with most businesses, the impacts that COVID has had on our economy has created an opportunity for us to fully assess our situation so that we can all come out of this still intact. At Wolf River Valley Seeds, we are working hard to focus on the items we can directly affect to help mitigate those we cannot control, mainly our attitudes, perseverance, and patience. I’d like to take a minute to make you aware of some upcoming changes you’ll see here at Wolf River Valley Seeds in the coming months, and assure you that we will do our absolute best to provide you with the top notch quality and service we strive for.

Over the past six months Mark Resch has taken some time to pursue other business interests and has exited the company. We wish him well and will continue to have our weekly call. Jamie Conway has decided to step out of WRVS for the time being to work more closely with his wife at their family owned business; we wish them all the best as they too work through this trying time. Pat Denor has decided to take a job much closer to his hometown; we wish Pat much happiness and success in his new job!

With all of these changes, we are more focused than ever, and confident, that we will continue to produce the finest quality of forages, corn, and soybean seeds that you have come to expect from us here at Wolf River Valley Seeds.

  • Jerome Wahleithner will be coming out of retirement part time to help with projects and share his vast knowledge base with us.
  • Joe Hoffman remains in the Antigo office ready to assist you with orders, along with helping you plan and strategize for your farm or hobby.
  • Eric Shepherd continues to coordinate planting and harvesting with the strictest guidelines.
  • Any questions on accounts receivable or accounts payable, Chris Kincaid is ready to help.
  • Tommy Johnson, Paul Goeman and Edwin Dispensa are in production, making sure the seed you get is the quality you deserve.

I would like to personally THANK YOU for your past and continued business and support.

Kindest Regards,

JASON NEILITZ, General Manager

Office: 1-715-623-5557

Toll Free: 1-800-359-2480


Our Team

Name Position Email
Jason Neilitz General Manager [email protected]
Joe Hoffman Sales Manager [email protected]
Eric Shepherd Farm Manager [email protected]
Jerry Wahleithnier Chief operations Manager [email protected]
Christine Kincaid Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Paul Goeman Production [email protected]
Tommy Johnson Production




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