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Agricultural seed products including Grain and Dual Purpose Corn, Silage Corn, Leafy Corn, Annual Forages, Soybeans, Grains, Alfalfa and Grasses.

Grain / Dual Purpose Corn


Research characteristics and identify the best hybrid corn seed for your operation.  Read More

Silage Corn


Silage corn hybrid characteristics from Wolf River Valley Seeds.

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Wolf River Valley Seeds soybean seed characteristics, disease tolerance and planting information.  Read More

Annual Forage


Premium, high quality forages tailored specifically with your herd’s production and performance.  Read More



Information about Pro 200 Brand Winter Wheat, Esker Oats and Admiral Peas from Wolf River Valley Seeds.  Read More

Alfalfa & Grass


Grasses and legumes chosen specifically for their forage production and performance.  Read More

Developing the very best seed available.

2019 Seed Guide

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