Along with a wide variety of extraordinary corn and soybean varieties, we also carry a great selection of grasses and legumes chosen specifically for their forage production and performance. In our extensive forage testing program, we have seen significant differences in fiber digestibility, or NDFd, in alfalfa varieties as well as corn silage hybrids.


Our Wolf River Valley Seeds alfalfas are selected with performance in mind. Each of our alfalfas offer a superb forage package with good forage quality and high forage yield potential. Each alfalfa possesses a wide range of adaptability, and a very good Disease Rating Index.


As we understand the impact that dry matter intake & NDFd have on production, it only makes sense to start selecting varieties based on factors other than just yield! Our Wolf River Valley Seeds alfalfas offer choices to fit your specific alfalfa need.

2016 Seed Guide

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